Why SBN?

  • Social Purpose drives our business

    SBN Social Enterprise

    Scottish Business Network is a not-for-profit social enterprise supported by our members

    We have a clear social purpose to support Scottish based companies and organisations to develop and grow through the utilisation of the Scottish business diaspora.

  • Why SBN?

    Get Connected. Stay Connected.

    Get Out There. Stay Out There.

    More Ways to Get Connected:

    With over 8000 members across five continents, SBN is the largest community of Scottish business and community leaders around the world and provides the network and platform that you need to make and maintain meaningful connections.

    More Ways to Get Out There:

    You’re not alone. As a member, you’ll have access to SBNAMPLIFY, an SBN exclusive promotional service aimed at raising your company’s visibility in target markets and publications in Scotland and beyond.

    More Ways to Stay Connected:

    Easy access to virtual and in-person events, weekly e-mail updates,
    newscasts, and so much more.

    More Ways to Stay Out There:

    Speak at our global events, be interviewed as part of our Podcast and Newscast show or work with us to find the best way to keep your message in the eyes of the global Scottish community.

  • Hear from our Ambassadors 


    Everythings bigger in Houston Texas

    In February we caught up with Justin Hoffman in Houston. He shared great insights into the region and tips for those entering the US Market.

    THe landscape of DUblin

    The first Q&A of 2024 is with our man in Dublin, Ewan Dunbar. He shared his knowledge on the growing industries and the culture in Ireland.

    Business Opportunities and NEWS from Berlin and Germany

    Sam Wiszniewski, our ambassador based in Berlin, talks with Cath about business opportunities not only in Berlin but in Germany as a whole.

    What are the business opportunities in south carolina?

    This month Cath is talking with Mike Cassidy who is based in Charleston SC USA about opportunities in his area.

    why is Scottish Business Network important to you?​

    Operations Director Cath Strachan talks with our Ambassador Craig Gunn, in Valencia about opportunities in Spain.


    Click the map to see our Ambassadors and Partner's across the world

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  • What do our Members say about us?

    See some of the wonderful words the community has to say about Scottish Business Network

  • Karen Somerville

    Karen Somerville

    Director - ANgel Share Glass

    "SBN has open so many doors in Angels’ Shares export journey.

    Long lasting connections and good business advice and sense.

    The Scottish diaspora is a powerful thing and Scots like helping each other you just have to reach out and ask! "

    Claire Taylor

    Claire Taylor

    Chartered FInancial Planner - Forth Capital

    "I initially came across SBN from posts popping up on my LinkedIn feed. I reached out & spoke to Cath. She explained how SBN works, and how they help introduce people to fellow Scots around the world. For me, as a Scottish woman working with expats in the US, joining SBN was a no-brainer for me and I’ve already made some great connections and helped others, too. They're a Great group and very happy to be a part of the Scottish Business Network.

    Zakia Moulaoui Guery

    Zakia Moulaoui Guery

    Founder & CEO - Invisible Cities

    "Being part of the Scottish Business Network has already had such an impact on me as an entrepreneur and on my organisation. Our time in NYC for Tartan Week has brought me many connections and new directions where to take my business."

    Joe Gibson

    Joe Gibson

    Founder & Managing Director - Gibson Robotics

    "My first experience, after joining SBN, was going to a networking event in London. I didn’t know anyone and I was admittedly a little apprehensive but immediately, I felt welcomed and chatted to everyone as if I had known them for years. This experience was consistent back in Glasgow and even out in New York. SBN has built a community of ambitious, brilliant and friendly individuals who are keen to support each other because of our shared heritage."


    The organisations helping us achieve our goals

    Scottish Govtech Cluster


    The Scottish Govtech Cluster are dedicated to fostering partnerships, developing resources, and promoting Scottish GovTech initiatives that transform public sector services.



    ScotWeek is a festival that highlights both the proud history of Scottish culture as well as its special bond with the United States and its people moving forward into the future. ScotWeek will host events promoting Scottish heritage, contemporary culture and charity to provide opportunities for education and scholarship.

    Net Zero Nation


    Helping SMEs cost effectively implement audited carbon accounts to be competitive, compliant and climate positive. Our ambition is to partner, collaborate and make the Accelerator Programme available globally to tackle the 50 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, which the world emits annually.

    Scotland House London

    Scotland House is a distinctly Scottish co-working and event space in the heart of London where you can work, connect and grow. A perfect hub when working out of London, holding client or investor meetings, attending networking events or hosting your own; where our brand and service levels reflect yours and where business gets done.

    Africa Scotland Business Network

    ASBN originally started with the purpose of facilitating trade between African countries and Scotland through a network model. Since then, it has grown into a global network connecting the world to Africa (and Scotland).

    DOTSCOT Registary


    dotScot Registry is the not-for-profit company that exists to provide Scottish businesses, individuals and organisations a prominent online identity through the .scot domain name. You can browse available domains here.

    The Asia Scotland Institute

    The Asia Scotland Institute is a non-profit organisation which exists to promote a greater understanding of Asia through the sharing of knowledge. We run regular events with global leaders from across Asia, with the aim of stimulating curiosity and fostering an environment to promote the exchange of knowledge.