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    What is Scottish Business Network

    The Scottish Business Network is a professional non-profit organisation created with the purpose of uniting the Scottish Diaspora, both at home and across the globe, for the benefit of Scotland.


    As a member of Scottish Business Network, you can take advantage of a range of services aimed at helping you achieve your ambition for your organisation.


    Our members are typically founders, investors, entrepreneurs, senior executives and business leaders. All are available to you and are committed to supporting all members.


    Our services are grouped under service headings for convenience but the key to optimising member benefits is to be clear on your ask.

  • As a member of Scottish Business Network, you will be able to take advantage of a range of services aimed at helping you achieve your ambition for your organisation



    Facilitated introductions to key

    individuals such as senior executives,

    business owners, entrepreneurs, potential partners, and domain experts.


    Also, as a new member, we will work on

    introducing you to fellow members

    across the UK and internationally.


    Access to a community of members, supporters, and partners available to help you.


    Engagement through the members portal, member groups, SBN events, and peer group support from fellow business leaders.


    Exclusive access

    to leading speakers at regular events.


    Promotion service aimed at raising your visibility in key target markets and

    publications within Scotland, the United States and internationally.


    We also use our large social reach to highlight members' services and accomplishments.


    Library of online assets and commissioned research aimed at identifying new opportunities for members.


    A recent example of this would be our global diaspora survey which provides insights into attitudes amongst the Scottish community across the globe.


    Initiative launched in 2023 to bring together community members working within the same sector or sharing a common interest.


    For example, the SBN Life Sciences Council of North America connects leading players in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors to assist Scottish companies in exploiting this critical market.


    Senior individuals based across the UK and internationally volunteer their time to support Scottish companies by providing access to their local networks in cities such as Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Brisbane, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York, Singapore, Washington and more.


    As a member, you will have the right to use our brand on all digital and printed materials thus allowing you to benefit from our investment in brand development over the last seven years.


    Receive benefits which include exclusive offers negotiated for members.


    The latest of these is access to Scotland House London and events held there.


    We will provide you with information about new opportunities, grants, competitions and information which will be of value to you and your business.

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    Members who have recently joined the network ...

  • Bruce MacGregor

    Bruce MacGregor

    Co founder of MacGregors Bars and Hospitality

    Bruce is the co-founders of the bar and restaraunt Macgregor's tavern in Inverness, Awarded Scotland’s Best Bar in the Visit Scotland Thistle Awards 2023. Former BBC Radio Scotland presenter and producer, Composer of traditional styled music and Founder of Blazin’ Fiddles, one of Scotland’s finest touring and recording bands, Bruce is an exceptional Scotish entrepreneur.


    Graeme Gerrard 'HAllidonto' Halliday

    Visual Artist

    Hallidonto is a well-established artist who prides himself in his ability to produce work in consistent large-scale quantities while maintaining a process that is both methodical and informed by historical text and media. His practice to date has seen the production of hundreds of pieces of work, including paintings, drawings, poetry, and VR painting and sculpture, with collections purchased in London, Dundee, Edinburgh, and New York.

    Lorna Farrell

    Lorna Farrell

    Author, Speaker, Writer and Poet

    "I am a Speaker, writer and poet. I was a sports journalist in radio and TV- then a business growth advisor till I became disabled & now offer inspiring, effective talks on resilience, inclusivity, the effects of positivity, determination, teamwork and skill sharing."

    Lorna shares her message across all differnt mediums to help encourage resilience , adaptability, commitment, teamwork, accessibility, gratitude and commitment.

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