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    David Learmonth

    Founder & CEO Revopp


    Revopp is a unique and powerful suite of tools powered by live data & experience to transform your growth & export sales by helping your business access massive opportunities and become a vendor to the United States Federal Government.


    There's this notion that to grow a business with international sales to the USA, you must be a large company or that you must be based in the US to take advantage of the vast opportunities presented by the biggest single buyer on the planet – US Federal Government


    While these two have advantages, the 4,800 contracts awarded to UK companies in 2022 didn’t all go to large companies. One of the key factors for any business in any market is to source real opportunities that match with their specific products and services.


    Our experience of working with the US Government, which started 18 years ago, proves SMEs in the UK can win.

    By utilizing our real-time data combined with business experience we provide companies with comprehensive data on US Government Contracts and R&D Funding Opportunities for all sizes and across every sector. In the past, we did it the hard way and now it’s time to help businesses with a better way. As an entrepreneur, I have had the exciting journey of building international businesses and helping others build theirs, particularly into the US market.


    In 2023, working alongside some awesome people I became the CEO and co-founder of RevOpp (www.revopp.tech). Our company utilizes data & experience to help Scottish / UK Businesses and Universities to unlock vast opportunities through sourcing Contract and R&D Collaborations with the US Federal Government.


    The foundation of the company and its objectives are built on my experience as the owner of a Scottish & US-based FAA aerospace-approved company and the journey we took to have the US Federal Government as a customer.


    We can help your company source high-value sales contracts and R&D grant opportunities with the US Federal Government as well as support your journey of business development into the USA.