• Scottish Business & International Trade Report in 2022 


    In 2020 Scottish Business Network launched the report on the largest study of the Scottish business diaspora which noted that the country needs to be less inward-looking, strengthen its global ambition and export more.


    The study undertaken by Momentous Change on behalf of the Scottish Business Network, surveyed more than 1,000 respondents in 74 countries, found less than a third of respondents- 29 per cent - described the nation as outward-looking.


    The survey sought to broach topics including how the Scottish diaspora views Scotland and Scottish business people, what businesses that already export have learned from their experience, and what cultural issues need to be addressed.


    It also moved to identify the perceived barriers to trade what those businesses seeking to export require in terms of information, and what initiatives can be taken to encourage more exporting.


    During the last 2 years the world economy has undergone significant challenges and in the UK the exit from Europe has also had a significant impact on our global trade.


    Scottish Business Network aim to undertake a follow up research seeking the views of the Scottish Diaspora on how Scottish exporters can manage through these economic challenges and what initiatives the Diaspora can provide to support and encourage Scottish global exports.


    2 key outputs of the research noted:-

    • 1. Further Country briefings should be developed to supply information of practical benefit to individual businesses. Such briefings should include considerations of cultural issues ( a key issue identified in the SBN report) ; a review of current trading conditions and matters associated with “ease of business”; signposting to market intelligence inform and useful public/ private sector contacts.
    • 2. SBN and other business organisations should consider conducting a detailed review of how to “brand” Scotland in terms of international trade.


    Are these still areas SBN should explore further in our 2022 survey?


    Given the significant shift in world economies since publication date Jan 2020, what other key questions should SBN be asking the global Scottish Diaspora which would provide support and insights into further benefitting international trade and export?


    Please drop me a line regarding any thoughts and suggestions you have for our focused global survey which will be launched in the first quarter 2022. christine@sbn.scot