• The Scottish Business Network is a thriving global community connecting Scottish entrepreneurs and professionals with their affinity counterparts around the world. Our network spans 72 countries, enabling businesses to grow and prosper through valuable connections, resources, and support.

    Our members benefit from:

    • A global platform for collaboration and growth: Access a worldwide network of like-minded individuals to explore new opportunities and share experiences.
    • Market insights and intelligence: Stay informed on trends, challenges, and opportunities in various countries and industries.
    • Business support and guidance: Receive tailored advice from local experts, mentors, and coaches.
    • Networking events and activities: Attend virtual and in-person events to connect, learn, and expand your network.
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    Business Development & Partnerships

    • Partner Sourcing & Introductions: Connect with potential partners to help grow your business.
    • Business Development & Sales: Drive your sales efforts with our expert support.
    • Funding & Capital Partner Introductions: Gain access to funding opportunities and investment partners.
    • Local Expert Consultations: Receive valuable advice from experts in your target market.
    • Think Tanks with Senior Executives & Entrepreneurs: Engage in thought-provoking discussions with industry leaders.

    Pitch and Market Strategy

    • Pitch Review & Assistance: Refine and localize your pitch with expert guidance.
    • Market Specific Advertising & Branding: Strengthen your brand with targeted marketing strategies.
    • Market Insight Tours: Discover key insights about your target market.
    • Trade Missions (Inbound/Outbound): Participate in trade missions to explore new opportunities.
    • Local Expert Consultations: Consult with local experts for market-specific advice.
    • Speakers and Industry Experts: Learn from renowned speakers and industry professionals.
    • Market Mentors & Coaches: Receive guidance from experienced mentors and coaches.
    • Market Skills Development & Team Training: Enhance your team's skills with tailored training programs.

    HR, Legal & Compliance Services

    • Legal & Accounting Services: Access legal and accounting services tailored to your needs.
    • Trademark, Copyright & IP Legal Services: Protect and manage your intellectual property.
    • Talent Sourcing, Hiring & HR Management: Find and manage the right talent for your business.

    Scottish Business Network Activities

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    • Enquire about Membership: Discover the benefits of joining our network.
    • Attend Networking Events: Connect with like-minded professionals at our events.
    • Attend Ad-hoc Meetups in Your City: Engage with local members and expand your network.
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