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SBN Newscast ft. Danielle Kelly and Daniel Ritchie


· SBN Newscast

This week we were joined by Danielle Kelly from STV and Daniel Ritchie, SBN Ambassador in São Paulo.

Daniell eKelly joined the show to talk about the STV Growth Academy and the £100k worth of gifted airtime memberships to businesses championing diversity. The funding comes via the £20m STV Growth Fund, which aims to make advertising more accessible and affordable for SMEs in Scotland.

Our Second Guest was Daniel ritchie, SBN Ambassador in São Paulo, Brazil. Daniel told us about how a Scot ended up running a Caramel Shortcake business in Brazil as well as his newambassadorial role. Brazil is a massive and diverse countrybut the opportunity is massive for Scottish companies, and Daniel wants to help build those relationships. 

You can connect withhim on Linkedin:

We also ran down some of the lates news from across the community: