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India Weekly Update from Tom Thomas

May 7th, 2021 – VOLUME 1/ISSUE 17

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UK PM BORIS JOHNSON ANNOUNCES 1 BILLION POUND TRADE DEAL WITH INDIA UK PM: Boris Johnson has announced a one billion pound plus trade deal with India and Enhanced Trade Partnership . 

Outcomes of UK-India summit marked transformation in ties: British High Commissioner to India: The outcomes of the UK –India virtual summit has marked transformation in ties between the two countries paving the way for expansion of cooperation in number of areas says British High Commissioner to India 

IMF to revisit growth forecast in India: Due to surge in COVID cases in India, IMT to review the growth forecast in India. 

Indian Industry helps the country in the fight against COVID: India’s leading companies are putting together an unprecedented response in the country’s fight against a surging COVID second wave.

Big boost for priority health sector: RBI Governor announces scheme to boost up the priority healthcare sector 

Succession plans in focus as firms lose key executives: Untimely deaths of some key executives at top firms recently have put Succession Plans in focus 

How the pandemic has changed the shopping habits of Indians: The pandemic brings about changes in the shopping habits of Indians. 

Reserve Bank of India ( RBI) announces support measures for COVID hit small businesses: The RBI Governor announces relief measures for small and medium sizes businesses that are affected by COVID. 

Manufacturing sector employment reduces: A study by CMIE finds that Manufacturing employment has reduced over the past five years


“The summit and the agreements have marked a transformation in the UK-India relationship,” British High Commisioner to India - Alex Ellis

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