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India Weekly Update from Tom thomas

APR 30th, 2021 – VOLUME 1/ISSUE 16

· News from Scotland and Beyond
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AS INDIA HELPED OTHERS SO MUST WE IN THEIR TIME OF NEED SAYS HRH PRINCE CHARLES: HRH Prince Charles has urged support for India as the second wave of COVID rampages India

Over 40 Countries assist India in battle against COVID second wave: Over 40 Nations ,including the UK, are assisting India in the battle against COVID Second wave.

Indian Industry ramps up efforts to work with the Government in easing Oxygen Shortage: Indian Industry pledges to work with the Indian Government in a focused way to address the emergency oxygen shortage situation.

Indian business activity sees steep weekly fall, says Nomura: India business activity suffered a steep weekly fall in the seven days preceding April 25th, as a result of lockdowns by some States. This activity is expected to recover as pace of vaccinations increase.

Startups do their bit in the fight against COVID Second wave: Indian Startup ecosystem does their bit in the fight against COVID second wave. 

4G Subscriber base to cross 800 million mark this fiscal: CRISIL says the 4G subscriber base in India will cross the 800 Million Mark this fiscal. 

India’s most valuable startup: A recent round of founding values Bengaluru based e-learning startup Byjus at $16.5 Billion, making it India’s most valuable startup. 

India auto parts aftermarket set to grow: Driven by a pandemic induced surge in used car sales, India’s auto parts aftermarket is expected to be a multi billion dollar industry by 2025.


“Like many others, I have a great love for India and have enjoyed many wonderful visits to the country. Indian aid and ingenuity has been a support to other countries throughout this immensely difficult time. As India has helped others, so now must we help India” HRH Prince Charles

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