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SBN Newscast: Scottish International Week is BACK

with special guests Russell Dalgleish, Gavin Tweedie & Bernard Pollack - 03.09.21

· SBN Newscast

With Kendra on holiday this week, Scott hosted a Scottish International Week themed show - featuring messages from the SIW21 Launch held in Edinburgh.

Hosted at the Edinburgh Fringe show WeCameToDance, Scottish International Week was launched with a focus on COP26.

The annual conference to boost trade and share knowledge among the Scottish diaspora will take place from November 2nd - 9th this year in order to highlight some of the opportunities that will come with the global climate conference being hosted in Glasgow.

Russell Dalgleish of SBN, Bernard Pollack of FoodTank and Gavin Tweedie of Net Zero Nation all spoke at the launch about the importance of grasping this opportunity to change the world. 

Learn more about Scottish International Week on the website:

Check out some of the news and events from the past couple of weeks:

  • SBN Ambassador in Houston, Justin Hoffman, was the author of our Daily Business article: "Energy shift needs a holistic approach". 
  • SBN Chair Russell Dalgleish has upped his training as he prepared for the London Marathon, you can follow his progress and see support his cause to support the charity Borderline. 
  • Ian Houston was in the Cornwall and Voice newspapers last week as he discussed the upcoming climate conference – good cop, better cop – can we make the 26th edition historic?
  • Ainsley Hamill was across the country last week as she officially launched her album, Not Just Ship Land, with live gigs in Campbelltown, one coming up in London and her audio-visual masterpiece in Govan in front of a full string section. 
  • The SBN Podcast Series released it’s first of a new style of episodes exploring some of the key sectors in the Scottish economy. Where better to start than with Whisky in this fascinating discussion with Blair Bowman. 
  • Tom Thomas continued his weekly update from India as well so be sure to check that out on the SBN website, new editions every Friday. This week’s features stories about the growth of the economy, progress on free trade agreements and a new manufacturing hub. 
  • Andrew Morrison had a busy two weeks of LinkedIn Live interviews. Last week the attention was on architecture as he discussed Architecture in the 2020’s with Rich Tinto, and this week was all about in person, virtual and hybrid as he talked events with Ruby Sweeney
  • Anna White’s American Dream continued this week as ScotlandShop announced that Albany, New York, is going to be the head of their US Operations. You can read about why they chose Albany on their terrific blog series. 
  • Two friends have come together for a research project on the Scottish private sectors attitude and perceptions of doing business with Africa. Africa Scotland Business Network and the University if Stirling are looking for people in the Energy, Education & Training, Technology and/or Agriculture sectors to complete their quick survey and help them compile robust data.
  • South of Scotland enterprise announced today that they are hosting their first International and Innovation Conference on September 16th  to bring business leaders and investors from around the world to debate how to stimulate innovation & entrepreneurialism in the Borders, Dumfries and Galloway. 

Don't forget to check out all the latest events from Scottish Business Network on the Events page:

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