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SBN Newscast: Live Music and Live events

with special guests Ainsley Hamill & Jonny Downie - 20.08.21

· SBN Newscast

This week Kendra and Scott returned to the virtual world as we were joined by Ainsley Hamill, who discussed the her Album Launch, and Jonny Downie who is hosting our SBN London Gathering on September 7th.

Recording artist and Govan local Ainsley Hamill joined us to talk about her new album, Not Ship Just Land. Starting with a love of Scottish folk music, Ainsley has always tied it into her music with this album being no different. 

You can catch the full audio-visual experience, accompanied by string orchestra, house band and visuals to celebrate the mostly forgotten and uncelebrated people and places of Govan, on September 21st live in Glasgow. 

Our 2nd guest was London Relationship Ambassador Jonny Downie who joined us to talk about the SBN London Gathering, our first physical event in 18 months.

This will be a great opportunity for SBN Members old and new to come together for an informal drinks reception, networking as well as listen to a keynote speech from special guest Liz Barclay, UK Small Business Commissioner. 

Jonny will also get a chance to explain his role as London Relationship Ambassador and how he can support SBN Members in London, and those looking to do more work in London. 

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