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India Weekly Update from Tom Thomas

Volume1/Issue 31 - August 13th 2021

· News from Scotland and Beyond
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CAIRN ENERGY AND INDIAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TO MEET AND RESOLVE RETRO TAX ISSUES: Cairn Energy team and Indian Government officials to meet this week to resolve retro tax matters.

COP26 Head to visit India: The COP26 Head, Alok Sharma, is expected to visit India next week, ahead of the COP26 conference.

Indian economy is picking up pace - Prime Minister Modi: Delivering a keynote address at a Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) event, India’s Prime Minister Modi highlights the Indian economy is recovering.

Agricultural sector records highest growth in FY21: A survey by Dun & Bradstreet finds that the Agricultural sector records the highest growth in FY ‘21.

"England and India are playing each other and I am on the hunt for the best Indian cricket expressions" – Alex Ellis, British High Commissioner to India

OFF-BEAT: CRICKETING GREAT RAHUL DRAVID TEACHES KANNADA TO BRITISH HIGH COMMISSIONER: Indian Cricketing great Rahul Dravid has the opportunity to give some Kannada Language lessons to British High Commisioner H.E. Alex Ellis recently


“India is taking major leaps. It is the result of the country’s faith in our industry that today the ease of doing business and the ease of living is increasing.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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