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SBN Newscast Ft. Roger Daynes and Nicola Probyn


· SBN Newscast

In the latest episode of the SBN News we are joined by Roger Daynes in Edinburgh and Nicola Probyn in Cape Town.

We also gave a run down of the latest news and events from Scottish Business Network.

Roger Daynes joined us to talk about R&D Tax Credits and how Amplifi Solutions can help. With all the pivoting businesses have gone through in the past year to adapt to a more virtual life, many businesses in Scotland are now eligible for this relief.

Lear more about Amplifi Solutions here:

Connect with Roger here:

Our second guest was Nicola Probyn dialing in from South Africa. Nicola wears many hats, including that of Firecracker Events & Marketing and Africa Scotland Business Network, but she spoke today about a new project - Illumi.Nation.

Illumi.Nation is a movement of individuals taking actions to co-create a more balanced and prosperous society for us all to thrive in.

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