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SBN News, ft. Sylvia Baldock and Bartlomiej (Bart) Kowalczyk


· SBN Newscast

In the latest episode of the SBN News we are joined by SBN Members Sylvia Baldock and Bartlomiej (Bart) Kowalczyk.

We also gave a run down of the latest news and event from Scottish Business Network and the Members.

Sylvia Baldock joined us to talk about all things Becoming More Significant. You can learn more about Sylvia's upcoming seminars here:

You can hear more from Syliva on her podcast:

We were also joined by Bart Kowalczyk. Bart founded Polish Business Link in 2013 to support Polish business community here in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Since then Bart has helped other companies grow by delivering practical HubSpot solutions.

Get involved in Polish Business Link:

Book a Free HubSpot CRM Consultancy with Bart:

Net Zero journey ahead of COP26:

Connect with our speakers below:

Sylvia Baldock:

Bart Kowalczyk:

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