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India Weekly Update from Tom Thomas

Volume1/Issue 35 - September 10th 2021

· News from Scotland and Beyond
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INDIA SEES HIGHEST EVER FOREIGN DIRECTINVESTMENT ( FDI) INFLOWS IN FY ‘21: India sees highest ever Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) Inflows in Financial Year 2020-2021, a 10 percent year on year increase.

Cairn accepts US1 Billion refund offer, to drop cases against India: The Cairn Energy – India Government matter gets resolved.

Textile sector gets huge boost from the Production Linked Incentive ( PLI) scheme: Select manufacturers in the Textile sector in India to get huge boost from the Production Linked Incentive scheme just released.

Reliance has big plans to set up manufacturing of cost effective carbon free Hydrogen: Reliance Industries headed by India’s richest man- Mukesh Ambani-has aggressive plans to manufacture cost effective green Hydrogen.

 "Green Hydrogen is zero-carbon energy. It isthe best and cleanest source of energy, whichcan playa fundamental role in the world''sdecarbonisation plans"Mukesh Ambani, 

OFF-BEAT: BENGALURU EMERGES AS THE DISTRICT WHERE THE MOST NUMBER OF LANGUAGES ARE SPOKEN Bengaluru’s multicutural composition has given it the distinction of the district where the most number of languages are spoken in India – 107! A recent analysis of the 011 Census data by two academicians reveals this amazing fact.


“We are keen to getback to Cairn beingtalked about in terms of success in Rajasthan. I think moving on from this will allow us to do that” Simon Thomson, Cairn CEO

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