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India Weekly Update from Tom Thomas

Volume1/Issue30 - August 6th 2021

· News from Scotland and Beyond
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DIGITALISATION SPURS SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH: Small businesses have gained due to the increasing digitalization brought inby the pandemic.

Factoring set to grow in India: Recent legislations amendments are set to increase the number of Non Banking Financial Companies and grow the Factoring sector in India thereby resulting in more liquidity to businesses.

Retrospective tax law amendments to benefit companies like Cairn: The Retrospective tax law amendments to benefit companies like Cairn. 

India’s e-RUPI launched: e-RUPI launched to boost Digital transactions in India

"e-RUPI voucher will play a role in boosting digital transactions and DBT in the country. This will help everyone in targeted, transparent and leakage free delivery,"Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

OFF-BEAT: BRITISH HIGH COMMISSIONER TO INDIA EATSDOSA THE RIGHT WAY: The British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis earned appreciation from Netizens by eating Dosa ( the South Indian breakfast favorite), the right waywith his hands!


“One key to survivalthrough the two Covidwaves for consumer startups and MSMEs has been their ability to digitise themselves and serve existing customers digitally while finding newer ones to serve,” LocalCircles Report

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