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Scottish Business Network (SBN) - the largest community of Scottish business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world - and broadcaster STV have established a wide-ranging partnership to help drive Scottish economic growth.

Together they will offer a number of growth opportunities for members to help them to scale their business and build their brand, both at home and internationally. These include:

  • £20k gifted airtime from the STV Growth Fund for the Scottish Business Network;
  • Collaboration on events, such as the upcoming Scottish International Week, STV Growth Academy, SBN webinars and master classes, and a dedicated STV-led session for consumer-focused members of the SBN;
  • Insightful contributions from STV to the Scottish Business Network podcast;
  • Cross-promotion across online, email marketing and social channels;
  • TV advertising opportunities.

Danielle Kelly, STV’s Strategic Development Director, will host a session on media and the power of TV advertising as part of the line-up at Scottish Business Network’s flagship event - Scottish International Week - which returns for its fourth year at the end of this month. This year’s virtual event is free to join and features a comprehensive programme of sessions including insights from UK and international business leaders about how to build Scotland as an international market-leading brand, and scale Scottish business internationally to reach new markets and boost the economy.

On STV’s involvement at Scottish International Week, Russell Dalgleish, Chair, Scottish Business Network, said: “We welcome STV's participation as a partner and I know that delegates will be drawn to the session to be delivered by STV.”

He continued: “We are grateful to everyone at STV to have the opportunity to work with one of Scotland's leading brands. We believe that the opportunity the talent and insight STV brings to this partnership will be invaluable to our members in Scotland and around the world.”

Danielle Kelly, STV’s Strategic Development Director, said:“Now more than ever we need to join forces to help boost the Scottish economy. Our wide-ranging partnership with the Scottish Business Network will see us collaborate closely to share insights and innovation across Scottish business leaders and entrepreneurs, all with the shared objective of driving growth.”

STV is committed to boosting the Scottish economy by providing a platform for Scottish businesses to build their brand on TV. STV has an unrivalled connection with consumers, reaching at least 87% of all Scots every month. STV’s successful Growth Fund has been doubled to £20m investment to extend marketing support to even more businesses across Scotland.