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Scottish Business Network, the independent international membership organisation for Scottish entrepreneurs and business leaders, continued it’s expansion with the appointment of Jonny Downie as London Relationship Ambassador.

Jonny, who has built a career in London since graduation from Edinburgh Napier University, has joined the growing ambassador programme to offer further support for Scottish organisations looking to do more business in London.

SBN have always had a strong focus on the London market and acted as a soft-landing for Scottish business looking to expand into one of the most important cities, for business, in the world. Not only is it a centre of many industries here in the UK, but it is also a global hub.

In a year which has seen turmoil for many businesses in Scotland, along with the added uncertainty of a post-Brexit world, this has only highlighted the importance of London as a key market.

When asked about his new role, Jonny said: “I’m absolutely delighted to take on the role as London Relationship Ambassador for Scottish Business Network and help build their presence in London and the South East.

The main functions of my role will be in helping to support Scottish businesses looking to establish themselves in London as well as businesses based in London looking to expand into Scotland, key amongst all of this will be actively working with the SBN’s members themselves and supporting them. “

Scottish Business Network CEO, Christine Esson, also highlighted the importance of this appointment: “The latest available Scottish Govt figures on exports show more than £50billion in Scottish Goods and services are provided to customers in other parts of the UK, which is 60% of all Scottish exports.

“Scottish Business Network recognises the value of support in making key connections in London and South East, a highly competitive marketplace. We are now adding to our Ambassador support in London, with Jonny Downie joining us to develop key business & diaspora relationships and connections in support of our members laser focused asks.”

The news comes after SBN announced plans to accelerate the identification and appointment of Ambassadors, with the target of 50 individuals being appointed in key cities around the world by the end of 2021.