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SBN Newscast: Visiting Scotland and Running Marathons

with special guests Ian Houston and Russell Dalgleish

· SBN Newscast

This week Kendra and Scott spoke to some familiar faces as they were joined by Ian Houston, President of SBN Americas, and Russell Dalgleish, Chairman of SBN.

Ian joined us to talk about his upcoming visit to the UK where he has a packed schedule speaking at events, meeting with SBN members and talking with the Scottish Government and Industry Bodies about how to increase trade between Scotland and the US. 

Connect with Ian on LinkedIn to keep up with his visit.

Russell joined 2 days ahead of his big day as he talked about why he is running the London Marathon on October 3rd. Russell is running to support the charity Borderline which helps homeless Scots in London. 

You can donate to Russell's fundraising campaign here.

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