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SBN Newscast, Our Journey So Far


· SBN Newscast

We wanted to use the latest episode of the SBN Newscast to reflect on why we are doing this and how we hope to spread the word about the amazing things coming out of Scotland. 

Every 2 weeks we will publish episodes where we interview SBN Members, Partners and Ambassadors about the exciting things they are doing.​ 

We also have our SBN Podcast Series releasing new episodes every other week where you can hear a collection of interviews with some of the most influential business leaders in the Scottish Ecosystem. https://sbnpodcastseries.mystrikingly...​ 

See the profiles of the featured speakers below: 

Sylvia Baldock -​ 

Fraser Allen -​ 

Nicola Probyn -​ 

Tony Martin -​ 

Ruby Sweeney -​ 

Alex J. Sinclair -​ 

Roger Daynes -​ 

Dougie Arbuckle -​ 

Rachel McClelland -​ 

Danielle Kelly -​ 


Connect with our hosts: 

Kendra Byers -​ 

Scott Dalgleish -

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