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SBN Newscast, ft. Tony Martin and Alex J. Sinclair


· SBN Newscast

In the latest episode of the SBN News we are joined by Tony Martin in London and Alex J. Sinclair in San Francisco.

Tony is the Co-Founder of Celestial Labs and he joined us to talk about their recent Sky Theatre experience at Hogmanay, where Drones painted the sky to celebrate the New Year, and talk about some exciting new plans for 2021.

Learn more about Celestial Labs on their website:

See the full Hogmanay show on YouTube:

Alex J. Sinclair dialled in from California where he is the 2nd Vice President of the St Andrew's Society of San Francisco. The Society was originally setup to support Scots going out for the Gold Rush, and Alex is helping them continue to be a base for Scottish Business Leaders looking to grow their organisations in the US.

Learn more about the Society here:

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