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SBN Newscast ft. Terry Murden and Graeme Kerr


· SBN Newscast

This week we were joined by Terry Murden, Editor and Director at Daily Business, and Graeme Kerr, Co-Founder of the Scots of the World. 

Terry and Daily Business are the official PR partners of Scottish Business Network and Terry spoke to Kendra about what sort of news they report on as well as the things they are looking for from the SBN Community. 

You can connect with Terry on LinkedIn and check out Daily Business here. 

Graeme Kerr then joined to talk to Scott about the newly launched Scots of the World, a digital platform the showcases the people, products and passion of Scotland. 

You can connect with Graeme on LinkedIn and see the amazing Scottish products, concierge and heritage servies on Scots of the World here. 

Check out some of the key news and events from the past couple of weeks:

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