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SBN Newscast, ft. Ruby Sweeney, Dougie Arbuckle and some festive updates


· SBN Newscast

There was a lot of member news and events this week, don't miss an update by checking out our SBN Events and SBN News sites.

Learn more about collaborating with Edinburgh Napier University here.

We also announced our brand new SBN Christmas Hamper where you can see Gifts, Events, Charity Fundraising and more - See what's on this Christmas from the Scottish Business Network Members.

Ruby Sweeney from the Events Hub joined us to talk about how 2020 has changed her industry and how her business has adapted. Learn more on The Events Hub website.

Dougie Arbuckle also joined us to discuss his Scottish Gold adventure and what 2021 has in store for GreenOre Gold. Learn more on the website.

Connect with our speakers below:

Ruby Sweeney Dougie Arbuckle

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