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SBN Newscast ft. Pamela Crawford and Jonny Downie


· SBN Newscast

This week we were joined by Pamela Crawford of the University of Stirling and Jonny Downie, London Relationship Ambassador to SBN - as well as a featured video from Ian Houston outlining our donations campaign.

Pamela Crawford joined the show to talk about the fully funded short courses available to help develop your career and gain in-demand skills. The University of Stirling are committed to helping those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, so we're offering hundreds of free places to anyone living in Scotland.

Learn more about the courses here:

Our Second Guest was Jonny Downie, London Relationship Ambassador for Scottish Business Network. Jonny connected with SBN after hosting us for an event in January 2020 and his new role see's him being very hands on with members looking to enter the London market, or indeed the Scottish Diaspora in London reconnecting with Scotland.

Connect with Jonny on LinkedIn and hopefully meetup with him and our London community this Autumn:

We covered some key news and events as well, including the culmination of 10 days of Tartan Day.

You can catch the replays of all our Tartan Day session at

We welcomed 4 new ambassadors from the U.S adding Salt Lake City, Baltimore, Raleigh and San Francisco to the map - meet the new ambassadors here.

Scots of the World created this stunning video for NYC Tartan Week showcasing some of the amazing Scottish Makers on their platform.

Net Zero Scotland launched their Accelerator to help businesses take practical steps towards reducing their carbon output. Sign up to the Race to Zero here and start your Net Zero Journey.

New SBN Ambassador Adam Drufke shared some news this week as his company, Dude Solutions, launched their new software Capital Predictor Core – you can learn more about that here.

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