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SBN Newscast ft. Duncan Johnston Watt, Csilla Zsigri and Matthew Wardrop


· SBN Newscast

This week we were joined by Duncan Johnston Watt & Csilla Zsigri of Blockchain Technology Partners and Matt Wardrop of Kissing with Confidence.

Duncan and Csilla spoke to Kendra about some of the recent customer success stories as well as the exciting DLT Landscape.

Connect with Duncan Johnston-Watt and Csilla Zsigri on LinkedIn.

Matt Wardrop spoke to Scott about the upcoming joint event with SBN and KwC, all about virtual networking. 

For environmental, financial and cultural reasons, the virtual conference is here to stay. Take a short journey through how to network in the virtual world with Kissing with Confidence CEO Russell Wardrop.

Check out some of the key news and events from the past couple of weeks:

Join us on June 15th at 1pm BST for the Diaspora Conference, this year focusing on how the power of diaspora networks can support entrepreneurs and scaling businesses.

At this virtual conference we will welcome some expert speakers to talk about the power of diaspora networks in a post Covid world, some of the key research being carried out on how these networks can directly support entrepreneurs as well as some panel sessions with those who have been there and done that.

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