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Sara Roberts, Founder of Healthy Nibbles

Friendly, Passionate & Engaging

Those are the three words that spring to mind, when describing my experience as a speaker with Scottish Business Network. SBN’s raison d'etre is to connect high growth businesses from Scotland, who are looking to expand into London and beyond, with a powerful and connected group of Scots, based in London, who have a willingness to utilise their connections to support business growth. It’s a fabulous model, pioneered by Russell and Christine.

Entrepreneurs are given ten minutes to share their story; not restrained by powerpoint, pitch decks and slides, instead having the opportunity to speak from the heart. It’s powerful and engaging, because it is story-telling. And people connect to story-telling.
After sharing the Healthy Nibbles journey, the audience were given the opportunity to ask questions. This is where the real magic happens. Think of it as a fast paced ideation session; the opportunity to collect thoughts, feedback and suggestions on the business.
Healthy Nibbles is on a high growth trajectory. We are the UK’s first dedicated, award-winning healthy vending service, built around three core pillars; corporate wellness, nutritional integrity and intelligent vending. We’re best suited to business with at least 300 employees who are keen to play an active role in employee wellbeing. We’ve also recently launched a white label snack box service which is being well received in the hotel and events sector (think great tasting mini-bar products).
One of the great aspects of the event is the opportunity to share a current business need. Along with introductions to our ideal clients, I was keen to speak to people who could support our current funding round of £250,000. On the night, we received a fabulous introduction to a potential investor and several people who had connections in target businesses!
A huge thank you to the SBN team Russell, Christine and Scott, as well as to those who give their time to participate.

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