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Ross Gray, Vice President at Cloudsoft

Haste Ye Back - to London

Life at Cloudsoft is never boring: we work with people who underpin changes that affect everyone’s lives and do so using pioneering approaches to collaborative working across and within organisation. Nevertheless, it was refreshing and inspiring to step out of the technology bubble and meet a very impressive cross-section of folks from different industries (including fashion, legal and advertising) at the Scottish Business Network at the end of March.

Giving a short talk forced me to take a step back and try to explain what Cloudsoft means to a general business audience. We are a Scottish-based company and spend a huge amount of time travelling the world but we also create software for an area that many people don’t understand. The group assembled at the SLBN were welcoming and their follow-up questions really drew out the salient points about us that matter to any business; being agnostic to particular technologies in a world of change.

This is a group with many different perspectives but crucially a generosity of spirit. Credit to Russell and Christine for establishing such a high-quality event and fostering a supportive, constructive atmosphere.  It was great to see the spectacular footage captured by Marco De Nichilo’s Dronely and hear Kendra Byers on StartEDIN promoting Edinburgh and name-checking Cloudsoft’s home, CodeBase. I was also very impressed with the positive mind-set and Russell’s initiative to take young entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley.

Thanks for having me and I look forward to the next event!

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