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Roger Mullin and Michelle Thomson, Momentous Change

Scottish Business Network

Earlier this week I had the great pleasure, along with my colleague Michelle Thomson, to present our business Momentous Change Ltd at a meeting of the Scottish Business Network in London. 

It was my first time at such an event, and was mightily impressed by the gathering of business people and their engagement with one another. Many organisations talk of having networking events, but in my experience they are often rather chaotic leading to few results. This was different. 

The first difference was the design and preparation for the event by the Scottish Business Network. People arrived knowing the purpose of the event and how they could engage. In our case, we were exceptionally well briefed in advance, and in the evening were interviewed in front of the assembled gathering by the intelligent (and tall!) Russell Dalgleish. It was a great format and provided us with an ideal platform to share information on our company. 

Before leaving the event, I had already gathered a thick pile of business cards I am now working my way through. I have also been contacted by two business leaders the day after the event seeking discussions. Result!!

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