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Robin Prior, Managing Director at Abergower

Scottish Business Network. Connecting People and Opportunities in London

Last week I presented to the Scottish Business Network the background to Abergower.

This also identified the key deliverables we provide to our customers in terms of digitising important and valuable information to useable electronic content. We outlined the actual process involved and the prestigious number of clients that have benefited from our services.

SBN, set-up by Christine Easson and Russell Dalgleish, the network group is a highly effective way to make connections in London that will have a direct impact on company growth, increased sales and identifying new opportunties for future business development.

Usually organised in a highly prestigious location the event has three company's making a pitch to the group which concludes with an "Ask" from the members.

The Abergower "Ask", was to connect with Heads of Libraries in the M25 Consortia to outline the benefits of our digitisation capabilities in the light of highly successful projects we have carried for The London Business School and Imperial College London over the last few years.

Overall a very successful and enjoyable event and we very much look forward to being part of the network going forward.

You can learn more about Abergower on their website here.

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