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Robin Huggins, Head of Business Development at MBN Solutions

Something magical is happening in Scotland………

I travelled down to  Scotland House to speak to the Scottish Business Network community with one purpose - to share our story.

We have collaborated with the education sector for a number of years now, providing talks, guest lectures and workshops to a variety of courses and classes – helping aspiring Technologists fully understand the potential for careers that exists within the community we are at the heart of.


Using our unrivalled network of contacts within the Scottish Technology community, our Marketing reach and our commitment to improving the Employability skills of the communities we work within, we worked with students to improve the soft skills needed to secure employment in their chosen field, and we worked with businesses throughout the nation to create commercially valid Projects for students to work on over their summer break.


The numbers involved – 78 Projects identified, 48 students found placements, 50%+ of these students have since secured permanent employment with their summer hosts. 

We placed students within the NHS, delivering Data expertise to projects to improve patient care across the nation. We placed students with Glasgow City Council, working with a digital transformation team focussed on optimising services for the city’s citizens. We placed students with Thornton’s Law in Dundee, bringing modern Data expertise to a professional services sector. We worked with STV, HSBC, Virgin Money, Scottish Power, Aggreko and a host of other well-known brands – ensuring that they were able to assist their hosted students with understanding what “excellence” looks like. 


This year – the challenge is bigger. We have to create 100 Summer Projects across the nation. We have to equip 100 students with the soft skills a modern business community needs. We have to make a difference.

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