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Pam Hunter, CEO of Scottish Sports Futures

Scottish Business Network Event

On Tuesday 20th March I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the Scottish Business Network event in London. My initial thoughts were who will I be speaking too? What do they want to gain from me speaking? What do I want to gain? How do I adapt my pitch to suit everyone’s needs?

After conversations with Christine and Russell this all became clear to me, I was able to sit back and enjoy the event and the other speakers, who were fabulous. The event was really well managed and hosted with great nibbles too. I felt it was professional, informative and enlightening, and most importantly supportive! To top all of that off I received great feedback on my talk from all members and have several contacts to follow up on for potential future relations and business. It felt like a family of professionals who wanted to help me succeed and left me energised and motivated to change the world.

Would recommend to all

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