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Nikki Thng, CEO at Class4Kids

SBN April 2017

Arriving at the Smith & Williamson building for my third SBN event brought slightly more nerves than usual as this time i would follow in the footsteps of previous scots and share my Class4Kids story to the SBN audience. The nerves were not about standing up and speaking or answering any questions (you always get one unusual one). I had just pitched to two potential investors that day and that was much harder than just telling the story and investor questions are always more challenging as they try to catch you out. I would say the nerves this time were more 80% from wanting to do a good job for Christine and the SBN team who have been so helpful and 20% because i also hadn't prepared as i should have and was writing bullets points in a coffee shop 30mins before the event.

Anyway other than some terrible jokes that came into my head last minute, (pretty sure i tried one where the punchline came out my mouth half way through trying to set it up) it all went smoothly. In fact Calum Alexander and Anita Mercury of Data Science, Connie McLaughlin of Inner Buzz also delivered fantastic pitches and all started off with Fiona McKinnon who i think should definitely take over from Russell as starting every event ;)

As i have been in London now for the last three months planning the next phase and securing investment for my business the SBN has not only provided me with valuable connections but cemented my belief that more Scottish scale ups need to get to London for the next phase of their business. One of my fellow scots at the event described London as 30 Glasgow's. Why would you not want to crack that!!

Big shout to the SBN team in the US and David Sime of Oncor Video.

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