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Martin Lucas, NED of Thriving Survivors

The Times they are a-changin.

I had the privilege of speaking at the February Scottish Business Network event; it was just their 2nd event since Russell and Christine created this venture to make a difference for London, Scotland & the world!

Before I talk about the awesomeness of the event, I shall share a personal story about why this network matters and the opportunities it is already creating. I was 19 when I moved to London, a classic country boy error-strewn adventure; I had a job, knew no one, not a clue, lots of fun and as ever, hindsight is a wondrous thing :-).

I left Scotland as a deliberate decision as I could see that staying there was not going to fulfil what I wanted from life. I don’t particularly like Insurance, I really don’t like Call Centres and as for Banking, well, 'tis true I love algorithms but money only serves me one purpose, spending it (kind regards, Your Loving Consumer)! I am certainly not on a soapbox saying I knew best; I have many successful friends who never left the Motherland, however, for me it was a limiting place and at the time I often thought we Scots had a culture of fear, of restriction and simply not looking for possibilities.

The fantastic news is that was nearly 20 years ago (feeling old). The even more fantastic news is that the world has people like Christine and Russell in it; they understood that there are many emerging opportunities in Scotland. We are seeing lots of Entrepreneurship growth, combine that with a world without boundaries and there are lots of people making a difference in the tech space, entrepreneurship and data sciences, amongst other things.

Above all else, what do you think limits opportunities? In the world I observe, it's how you think and who you know.

Who you know

I witnessed change in motion at the event. Connecting people and solving problems is exactly what this Network is doing. It’s a true Network: everything from emerging companies to investment advice to design thinking, on to meeting the RIGHT people via trusted introduction.

How You Think

Aha! This is a challenge I am always looking to help people with. For Scotland it’s an even bigger issue; we are beset by ‘Who Am I To…’ thinking, who am I to try, who am I to do, who am I to... This is a cultural repression; not everyone has it but thankfully, nearly 20 years on, I am seeing change for the better.

Last night I saw this in motion from two entrepreneurs:

Leah Hutcheon, Founder of Appointed

They are growing all guns blazing: why? Because they solve many problems for every size of business you can imagine, not just in the bookings space but in customer service, control, website integrations, and more. It’s a whole new world and Leah is at the forefront.

Bruce Walker, Founder of We Are The Future

Imagine a world where you can enable entrepreneurs all over the world.

Imagine a world where you can visit Silicon Valley and some of the world's biggest brands for insight and support.

Imagine a world where you create a global movement to help people become all they could be.

That’s the world Bruce has created; it’s not just imagination, and he demonstrated why he has won multiple Entrepreneur of the Year awards.


My 'stuff'

My talk was about what I love; to help bring positive change and to show the future. I focused on emotional intelligence gains & emerging technology that matters alongside my personal project Voices of the World (A free project where I am helping to show what inspires the world). One can’t hide from their passion to educate and show people what the future looks like!

For any Scots in London, in Scotland, AngloScots, Global Scots come join in, there is a vetting process :-);

For anyone else then just be prepared for a different Scotland, opportunity is knocking, the times they are a-changin'.....

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