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Mark Evans, Founder & CEO of NomadiX Media

A New Opportunity

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to participate and introduce your company to an audience of senior business people with a Scottish connection, in a fantastic venue in the heart of London.  I was delighted when Russell invited me to introduce Nomadix’s latest digital media technology called iWalker which delivers targeted, measurable marketing content where other media can’t reach.

Scott Dalgleish kindly adorned the system to show iWalker in full effect, while Russell hit me (not literally) with some probing questions about the technology, our success and business model. The one to one format was perfect, it allowed me to answer without the pressure or timing restrictions of a structured pitch. With direct questioning from the audience I was allowed to deep dive on issues such as how iWalker measures audiences and provides reports on age/gender using facial detection and whether this breaches GDPR (the answer incidentally is NO).

The key thing for me at this event apart from meeting some interesting people was the ASK, a laser guided opportunity to ask SBN members and the audience to help me secure the financial investment to rapidly scale Nomadix Media globally. There was a genuine willingness to help with a number of SBN members stepping up to offer their support and advice.

I really couldn’t have asked for more from SBN and would like to take this opportunity to thank Russell, Christina and all the team for giving me the golden opportunity to showcase iWalker and share the vision to make Nomadix Media the worlds first ‘pay per viewer’ media platform.

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