My Scottish Business Network Experience

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first Scottish Business Network event in London.  

Quite simply, the format is you have 10 mins to tell the group about your business and ask for help.  This is followed up by a short Q&A and the magic starts where people are able to tell you their ideas around who they know that might be of specific interest and could possibly be of some help.  Within minutes I had great a list of connections and follow ups to be made, and afterwards we all went over to the pub.

This morning on my flight home I drafted emails to all my new connections and sent them when I landed!  

It was a great event and I would recommend SBN to any Scottish business seeking connections in the London community.  It’s a good way to meet and be connected to a most helpful and instantly welcoming group.

Thanks to Christine Esson and Russell Dalgleish for inviting me along to such a lovely event.

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