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Leah Hutcheon, CEO of Appointedd

SBN: A new network for cross-border success.

At the gorgeous office of Shepherd & Wedderburn (a tiny slice of Scotland for that evening!), we also heard from speaker Martin Lucas, who gave us his thoughts on where technology is headed and how it can add value to people’s lives. It was fantastic to see that Martin and I were very much on the same page when it comes to people-centred software design! Appointedd has been designed very much with the needs of a small business owner at its heart and it was amazing to see Martin geek out over the same things we do!

Being so new, the SLBN is an intimate, tight-knit community, but everyone is keen to make introductions to their wider network. There’s an appetite to really help young businesses grow - specifically to grow their customer base in London. And with attendants from the financial services, HR, online businesses, food and drink producers, and even Google, the diversity of the room was astounding for a group at such a relatively early stage. Everyone was keen to add value, give recommendations and get involved in the startups presenting (if needed!).

When I first heard about the Scottish Business Network, I thought it was a great idea. I absolutely love building a business in Scotland, and I think we are super lucky to benefit from the amazing support that surrounds us. But it is undeniable that Scotland is a small country so, to scale or raise significant investment, most companies need to look south of the border. As an online business, Appointedd can do business anywhere in the world, but connecting with other businesses from the Scottish homeland is something that’s close to our heart, and this event was a wonderful chance to build solid relationships with our closest neighbours.

So, if you’re based in Scotland but looking to grow your network in London, get in touch with the team at SBN (the fabulous Russell Dalgleish and Christine Esson). Or if you’re an expat in London and looking for some chat with a Scottish twang one dreich night then check out the LinkedIn group and apply to get in! I hope very much that the network will keep growing, developing, and welcoming more people, making it an ever more fabulously diverse and exciting group to be involved with!

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