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Kirsten Cockburn, Head of Sponsorship at Scottish Ballet

It isn’t a myth…. whenever you meet a fellow Scot you are sure of a very warm welcome.

This was certainly true last week at the Scottish Business Network event in London, where we had been invited by Christine Easson to talk about Scottish Ballet, the work we produce and the ways organisations can and do work in partnership with us.

Funnily enough, I should have guessed it’d be a warm welcome as Christine and I had spoken a few times on the phone and managed to ascertain that she not only knows where I live but my neighbours too!

The reception we received was genuine and very enthusiastic and the next day we had several emails from attendees looking to help us as we continue to raise our profile in London and USA.

It was interesting to hear from people living in London that they are keen to support Scotland’s national dance company when we are in the big smoke – and I think we re-kindled a love of ballet for some of the members too.

We’ll certainly attend the SBN events again and we look forward to taking forward the discussions we have had so far.

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