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Kendra Byers, Managing Director of StartEDIN

My Scottish Business Network Experience

Last month I attended the Scottish Business Network event at Shepherd and Wedderburn in London and I’m proud to say it was my Scottish voice that echoed their offices, overlooking the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Scottish London Business Network connects Scottish Business diaspora with Scottish entrepreneurs from across the border. The group meets monthly attracting an intimate audience of business professionals from a range of industries to hear talks from Scottish entrepreneurs.

Only into its second month, I was privileged to be invited to speak alongside Scottish entrepreneurs Marco De Nichilo from Dronely and Ross Gray from Cloudsoft. I used the opportunity to talk about a fantastic initiative I’m involved with called StartEDIN. So standing tall at a rather small height of 5ft 4” next to Russell Dalgleish, the 6ft 5” giant that introduced me to the stage, I shared my introduction to an energised audience eager to hear what the wee Scottish lass at the front had to say.

For those of you that may not know, StartEDIN is an initiative inclusive to Edinburgh that is focused on promoting the city’s thriving tech scene. StartEDIN aims to share both nationally and internationally the opportunities available in Edinburgh whilst educating people on the resources and support available for individuals looking to relocate to the city for a role, start-ups wishing to launch in Edinburgh, or even established companies looking to expand, all while promoting the city as a great place to live and work.

StartEDIN has achieved a lot over the past year including hosting an Edinburgh Tech talk in London in partnership with Skyscanner and Amazon; displaying billboard adverts at London Heathrow Station encouraging people to come live and work with the happiest people in the UK; hosting stands at the Silicon Milkroundabout events and even working with SMR to bring their event to Edinburgh for the first time to raise Edinburgh’s profile within the sector.

That evening we also heard from Marco De Nichilo of Dronely who mesmerised the audience with their stunning aerial footage filmed in the early hours around Inverclyde, as well as Ross Gray of Cloudsoft who educated us on the benefits of their cloud management platform. Cloudsoft happens to be headquartered in Edinburgh at Codebase – the UK’s largest tech incubator and a member of StartEDIN.

Over the course of the evening the attendees actively engaged with the speakers to provide their constructive feedback, ideas and share connections. It was great to be welcomed by such an energised group ready to offer their support to the Scottish entrepreneurs from their homeland.

Recognition to Christine Esson and Russell Dalgleish for establishing the Scottish London Business Network and I wish the team at SBN much luck in growing and developing this wonderful platform for Scottish entrepreneurs.

So, if you’re based in Scotland but looking to grow your network in London, get in touch with the team at SBN (the fantastic Russell Dalgleish and Christine Esson). Or if you’re an expat in London and looking for some conversation with a Scottish accent one evening then check out the LinkedIn group and apply to get in!

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