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John Maltman, Chief Executive Officer at E Fundamentals 

Future enhancement of online shopping at Scottish Business Network

Last night I had the pleasure of presenting E Fundamentals at the Scottish Business Network’s networking event. It was a great experience providing an opportunity to meet over forty well connected Scottish business leaders.

Why was I there? Well I’m a Scot and I was attracted by the idea of helping other Scottish businesses. I had some self interest too. Our business is growing quickly and as looked at our next phase of expansion we looked at a number of locations. We’ve decided to build a DevOps team in Edinburgh where we were attracted by a great talent pool, a robust ecosystem and the support of Scottish Enterprise. We saw yesterday’s event as a way of fast-tracking our connections to other businesses in Edinburgh.

It paid off. We got some really valuable referrals to companies of all sizes who we can potentially work with and some very generous offers to introduce to potential clients. All of this in the warm and generous hospitality of the Caledonian Club.

I’m looking forward to getting more involved with the SBN.

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