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James Frost, Managing Director of Quorum Legal

My Experience at SBN

Last week I got the opportunity to talk to the Scottish Business Network (SBN) about Quorum, what we do, and how the SBN can help. The session was facilitated by Christine, Russell and Scott in a really professional but relaxed format of a question and answer session. This turned out to be a really enjoyable experience – there was also the opportunity to go for a few “refreshments” after the event with a really interesting group of business leaders.


I think that what Quorum provides is quite unique in the IT outsourcing world – we provide an end to end IT service, incorporating everything from IT Director to helpdesk (often onsite). We like to get to know our clients at all levels of their business, and in many cases we attend the clients board meetings. This helps us ensure that we fully understand their future direction and can also update them with IT trends in their sector and the industry in general. Our service is constantly evolving to keep pace with our clients and help them maximise the return on their technology investment.


At SBN you have to do “The ASK”, which is a laser focussed statement detailing how SBN members can help. Personally, I found that difficult as what we do spans a wide range of industries and company sizes – in essence we like to help people solve interesting problems with technology. However, I understand the need to be specific when trying to get across what we do when asking for help - we do a lot of our business in the Legal and Financial services sectors and so we asked for introductions to mid-sized companies in those sectors to senior Finance Directors or Operating Officers who are concerned about their current IT provision.


A short while after doing the talk I got approached by someone who said that they’d been at the SBN meetup and had an interesting and challenging IT project that didn’t meet the above criteria at all. Perfect.

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