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James England, Managing Director, BlueSky Experiences

On Tuesday last week, I headed down to London to present at The London Capital Club to The Scottish Business Network. This was an evening that turned out to be hugely rewarding and encouraging for everyone involved.


The Scottish Business Network is a group of well-established Scottish Business entrepreneurs and professionals. The SBN use their standing and connections in London to help develop greater communication and connectivity between Scottish Businesses. Their aim is to proactively assist and support Scottish based companies in their call for expansion. The group hold monthly evening networking events in London city. These events provide the opportunity for CEOs and MDs, like myself, to showcase their business and make asks to the members for help with the growth of their business also. As well as providing sound advice and expertise.


This was an inspiring opportunity for BlueSky Experiences not only to ask for help, but to continue to build strong connections in the South East- particularly in London. The opportunity to present was also given to Michael Mancini Creative Director of Edera Bespoke – luxury handcrafted furniture designers and creators. As well as Eddie Gilmour of Vigilo Solutions – leading retail security services in the UK and Europe. Together we each presented for 10 minutes to the audience – made up of extremely well connected and visionary business people. During the presentations we were able to introduce business offerings as well as highlight ambitions and ideas, the fun index in my case, as well as make a request to the members. My fellow speakers presented very well, and only added to the benefit of the night.


After the presentation there was a valuable opportunity for networking. During this time I had several rewarding conversations with the members and gathered a significant amount of support from them. My ask to the members was for assistance in developing strong connections with leaders in the sectors of construction, engineering and distilling. From this ask, I had beneficial conversations with many of the members which provided me with great insight into the markets. It also left me with a confidence in BlueSky Experiences’ future relationships with the companies in these sectors.

This opportunity from The SBN, and the encouraging support from its members, was extremely beneficial to me. I am feeling positive about growing BlueSky Experiences market in London with their assistance and look forward to developing my relationship with The SBN in the future.

As part of my pursuit to develop my relationship with The SBN and to grow BlueSky Experiences in London, I have made an offer to host a complimentary personal and team development workshop for The SBN members. The workshop will take place at The Caledonian Club on September 19th and will give the attendees the opportunity to learn how to use behavioural psychology to improve individual performance and team effectiveness. If you would like to receive some more information about this extremely thought provoking and engaging workshop, contact myself on or call 01738 840 804.

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