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India Weekly Update from Tom Thomas

May 14th, 2021 – VOLUME 1/ISSUE 18

· News from Scotland and Beyond

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 43 COUNTRIES ASSURE AID TO INDIA TO HELP BATTLETHE PANDEMIC: 43 Countries have stepped into assist India as it battles a vicious COVID-19second wave

India’s Vaccine supply to improve as it braces for thirdwave: Steps have been to taken to improve India’s vaccine supply even as thecountry braces for a COVID -19 third wave

Oxygen express train arrives in Bengaluru: The first Oxygen express train arrived in Bengaluru this week

UK PM honors Pilot who flew 200 Oxygen Concentrators to India: The UK PM Boris Johnson honors Pilot who has flown 200 OxygenConcentrators to India

Google testing features to enable sharing of information onhospital beds availability, oxygen: Google Maps is testing a feature that will enable sharing of information onavailability of hospital beds and oxygen

Government clears Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme toencourage battery manufacturing:  In order to boost Electric Vehicle ( EV) adoption in India, the Governmenthas cleared a PLI scheme to encourage battery manufacturing in India

Cairn Energy matter update: Cairn Energy takes steps to have the arbitration award recognized

Companies battle absenteeism due to COVID: Companies are having to battle absenteeism of employees due to COVIDrelated matters.

CRISIL warns of India’s growth rate falling due to COVID: Rating firm CRISIL warns that India’s growth rate may fall due to the impactof second wave of COVID


“The British peoplehave stepped up intheir thousands tohelp the people ofIndia in ademonstration of thedeep connection between our countries.” UK PrimeMinister Boris Johnson