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India Weekly Update from Tom Thomas

India Weekly Update: VOLUME 1/ISSUE 40 - October 22nd 2021

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2021- A DEFINING YEAR FOR THE STARTUP ECOSYSTEM IN INDIA: The year 2021 is proving to be a defining year for the Startup ecosystem in India with 26 startups attaining unicorn status this year. 

Indias ambitious global grid declaration likely to beadopted at COP26: One Sun One World One Grid declaration out forth by India andInternational Solar Alliance likely to be adopted at COP26.  


Travel guidelines for international travelers to Indiarevised: The Government of India has recently revised the travel guidelines forinternational travelers to India.  


UK PM Boris Johnson hails role of Indian company Wockhardtbehind vaccine rollout success strategy: The role of Indian company Wockhardthas been lauded by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson among the companies behind the successful COVID -19 vaccine rollout strategy in the UK. 


"Wockardt, an Indian company from Mumbai whose familymotto means work hard. Hence Wock Hardt.. "UK PM Boris Johnson 


OFF-BEAT: INDIAN ORIGIN CEOS ARE LEADING SOME OF THE WORLDS BIGGEST COMPANIES: Some of the largest companies in the world have IndianOrigin CEOs. Examples are George Kurian, CEO NetApp and Thomas Kurian , CEO Google Cloud. 


“2021 has been a defining milestone for the startupecosystem in India. On average, three startups are turning unicorns everysingle month,” Amitabh Kant, CEO Niti Aayog 

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