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India Weekly Update from Tom Thomas

India Weekly Update: VOLUME 1/ISSUE 39 - October 15th 2021

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IMPORTANT FOR INDIA TO FOCUS ON GREENINVESTMENT POST PANDEMIC - IMF: The International Monetary Fund ( IMF) says that it is important for India to focus on public investment, especially in green sectors post pandemic.

TATA MOTORS ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV) SUBSIDIARY GETS US$1 BILLION INVESTMENT FROM TPG: Tata Motors EV Subsidiary gets a boost with a $US 1 Billion Investment commitment from TPG. This demonstrates the growing importance of the EV space in India.

Coal shortage could affect non power industries: The Coal shortage situation could affect non power industries. Coal is the primary fuel powering 70% of Indian energy consumption.

India withdraws tit-for-tat covid advisory for UK travellers: In a welcome move, India withdraws the travel advisory that had made it mandatory for even fully vaccinated UK visitors to India to undergo 10 day quarantine.

"Also known as 'Astra Puja' (worship), it is theday when people worship and clean theinstruments they use, weapons (whoever possesses it), machine, tools etc." 

OFF-BEAT: THE SIGNIFICANCE OF AYUDHA PUJA: Ayudha Puja is a significant Festival in India at this time of the year. Learnmore about it. Work is Worship.


“As we move towardsthe recovery, it is alsoimportant to focus on public investment, particularly on green investment, so that the recovery can be inclusive and green” Paolo Mauro, Deputy Director – Fiscal Affairs - IMF

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