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Iain McNeill, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Whereverly

Tourism and Scottish Business Network

Sharing our business story and evolution at the London SBN Event was a lovely experience.  The venue was amazing, the speakers were great and the crowd was very friendly.  As with my previous experience of presenting at an SBN Event, it was the conversations and networking that was the highlight for me. A year ago I presented at an SBN Event in London, for us it was a pivotal moment as not only did we get great advice and relationships, we became more confident in what we were trying to achieve.  

We have found that confidence and belief can go a long way in starting to grow your business so, it was great to get the chance to tell the SBN Members about the new app deployments & improvements, our enhanced commitment to local community engagement and our orientation to tourism visitor data.  The lovely positive emails we received from SBN Members across the globe gave the belief and courage to progress.  We really appreciated them, so thank you very much for taking the time to write them.

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