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Graham McWilliam, Managing Director of Glencraft Luxury Mattresses

It was a great pleasure to be asked to present last Tuesday evening at the Scottish Business Network meeting at Bow Bells House in London.

Before the start of the evening we were treated to a Masterclass from Keith Skeoch, CEO of Aberdeen Standard and indicative of the standard of speaker the team attract to deliver these business lessons.

My own presentation / interview was much more modest on behalf of Glencraft Luxury Mattresses and provided an update on our own business journey. I talked about a number of things when expertly prompted by Russell Dalgleish and ably monitored in all things timewise by Christine Esson. I’m keen to promote our offshore luxury mattress, believed to be the first of its kind in the UK to have been certified for use in this sector. My first ask was therefore an introduction to any procurement companies in the offshore and marine sectors. My laser specific was CEO of the Baglioni Group, Guido Polito, son of the founder. They have a wonderful hotel in Kensington and I really believe we have a story and a product that will resonate with them.

Please let me know if you can help and if you want to learn more about SBN - it is a wonderful organisation with some really good, experienced business people on the ground in London and beyond. Kendra Byers.

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