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Dr. Vicki Cameron, CEO and Founder of StEPS Podiatry 

Scottish Business Network - my experience of pitching

Last night I was fortunate enough to share my vision for StEPS Podiatry with the other members of SBN. The opportunity to be one of three businesses getting up in front of the group, and to 'ask' the other members for their help and support in some specific areas of my business, was a very enjoyable experience. The new question and answer format, enabled me to talk about my business in a way that was natural and comfortable. The SBN members, of which there were about 40 last night, could not have given me more. They engaged, were interested to learn about StEPS Podiatry and our vision, and genuinely wanted to help me.

I feel very privileged that I was given the chance to talk about my business and to have some incredible business people give me not only their attention, but their questions, thoughts, suggestions, and challenges. Many of the members approached me after my 'pitch' to tell me about the ways that they think they may be able to help. I am excited about following up on these leads and to progress my business aspirations. I feel very satisfied that 40 people went home last night, knowing something about feet and Podiatry that they did not know before! It follows, that I have taken another 'StEP' forward in my journey to establish StEPS Podiatry as the leading provider of private foot health care in the UK. 

Thank you SBN!

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