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Dr Duncan Bury, Founder at HEKKEL

Networking - it is a question in itself. Net working?

When I first started out in business I knew no one. I had been a "buyer" in a corporate and people loved me because I had a budget and I spent it. My network grew. When I became self employed suddenly all my network fell apart. Because I was now a "Seller" and no one likes a "Seller".

I have had many attempts at networking and to be honest most of them have not worked. Net-not-working. However last night I made the journey to London from the Scottish Borders having been invited to speak about my latest project HEKKEL by the Scottish Business Network.

After 20 minutes of pre-presentation chit chat it struck me that this networking was different. People came here not for themselves but for what they could do for others. There was a genuine warmth to the people in attendance and they reflected well the Scottish diaspora. Innovators filled the room and people offered help freely to each other. There was no implied quid pro quo. There was just lots of "quidding".

I was delighted to be part of the event and look forward to many more evenings of Net-working and "quidding".

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