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David Romilly, Business Development Director & Owner of Waracle.

Waracle, London and Scottish Business Network.

Waracle joined the SBN last year and have attended their monthly events to help grow our network in London. Being the biggest mobile app developer in the UK without a major London client, a London presence is a bit of a no-brainer but we needed a place to start and the SBN has been great so far. The events are run unlike many other networking events I've attended, it definitely feels more personal and they really make the effort with the smallest of details such as sending out detailed attendee lists before the events. This means you arrive at their events having already got to know many of the attendees through Linkedin connections and messaging. 


I found my Q&A with Russell at this months event to be incredibly helpful as we got to broadcast Waracle's "ask" to the network and have already had a great response with many attendees approaching me directly to tell us how they can help. Would recommend the SBN for any Scottish business looking to expand their network in London and beyond.

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