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David Robinson, MD of Red Evolution

Red Evolution visit SBN

I'll admit I was a little nervous when Christine Esson gave me the opportunity to speak at SBN in February. The thing is, I'm not normally the shy retiring type, two of my hobbies, playing the drums/singing in a band and competing at ballroom dancing, mean I regularly need to stand up and be counted, but this felt different.

As it turned out I needn't have been concerned, the room was welcoming, I knew it would be, and the feedback and help I received both during my short presentation and later, as members approached me offering help and advice, was fantastic. I shouldn't have been surprised, just like in my two previous visits to the group, first as a visitor and second as a fully paid up member, the enthusiasm for business and willingness to help that fills the room was very much in evidence.

I managed to talk about two of my businesses during my 10 minute slot and still had 8 seconds at the end to play with... That's important, because to have gone over would have cost me a white wine and soda in the pub later (Christine drives a hard bargain).

I shared my business journey to date, talking first about the inbound agency  I run, outlining how the group could help us as we expand into London, followed by a few words about a side project of mine that's gathering momentum and a life of its own, Share My Office 

Suffice to say, I'm now having some great conversations with new found friends about both Red Evo and Share My Office and I'm confident the group will be instrumental in the development of both businesses. In particular I've been impressed with how people in group go out of their way to make contact, offer help and advice and, just as importantly, encouragement.

For many young and small businesses validation is important and SBN has certainly provided me with that.

The Scottish Business Network is special and I'm so glad I've been given the opportunity to be part of it. Not for SBN a room full of people desperately trying to sell to each other, not for SBN a group who love the sound of their own voices. No, SBN members are a mix of those who've tasted success, those who want to help others succeed and those still very much on their journey. Wherever you might fit into that, if you're given the chance to get involved, grab it with both hands.

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