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Craig Mackie, Founder at SHINE

Mayfair in May for proper networking.

It was only my second visit to the Scottish Business Network and I was lucky enough to be one of the presenters. I first visited SBN back in February and was impressed with the format, culture and warmth of the event. SHINE has been doing business in London since 2003 and we further established our footprint there in 2010 when we took our office space at Cavendish Square.

I have tried many different networking evening in London and they have ranged from small & excellent to large & rubbish. Not wishing to sound like goldilocks, but SBN have got it just right. I like the aims of SBN, I like the people that run it and I like the people that attend.

I headed to the very nice offices of Adam & Company in Mayfair for the May event and I had the bones of my 10 minute talk in my pocket and the words of Christine ringing in my ears about my ‘laser targeted ask’. I was given great advice in advance on how to craft an ask to the group so that I was specific in the type of business I was looking to work with. “if you don’t ask, you don’t get!" I was sandwiched in between Rob Hamilton of Dynamic Edge Group and Robin Prior of Abergower Digital, two other Scottish Business blazing a trail in the big smoke and I was in good company as I was impressed with their growth plans.

The ask I presented to the group was in relation to hotels. We are very lucky to work with three hotels in Scotland and have some great success stories with their brand development, digital marketing and turning clicks into bookings. I asked for connections into Boutique hotels in the south of England where there was a great reason to visit the hotel……either as a food destination or nice little part of the world. 

I was delighted with the feedback about my talk and I was delighted to be given some immediate leads, some ideas of people to talk to and some suggestions that I hadn’t considered. I now have a brilliant to-do list of people to follow up with. I was feeling pretty good, although that may have been partly to do with the drink and the excellent buffet.

Those that were still chatting at 9pm decanted to the pub to continue the conversation over a few drinks and I made some more connections. A huge thanks to Russell and Christine who run these events, its a great forum that I am delighted to be part of and happy to support further. 

Did someone mention a jolly to San Francisco?

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